An open letter to Blizzard: please make Hearthstone accessible to the blind

Dear gamer friends at Blizzard,

My name is Lucas, I am from Brazil, I love card games and I am also blind. And give me just a few paragraphs to show how all this stuff fit together and where you guys come in.

I have already heard a lot about this online card game, Hearthstone, that you guys develop. My friends play it, talk about it all the time and this just increased my interest.

I really want to be able to play this game with them, but it is not accessible. When I say that it is not accessible, I mean that there is no way that I can access the game alone on an iPad or in my laptop, devices that I use regularly.
So, I am writing this letter to ask you guys to make hearthstone accessible to screen readers, so that the blind community could play this game with our sighted colleagues. When I say a community, I really mean that. We have a huge number of blind people that love games, as much as you guys do, who would start playing this game as soon as it gets accessible.
When I was younger, I used to play magic the gathering. I bought several deck protectors for my cards, and in each of them, I wrote in braille a code that identified the card. I memorized that code with the card’s details and played with my friends. We had so much fun, and I am pretty sure that we could make this happen again.
Maybe you guys are thinking: ok, but how do we do that?
The reason for me to ask such a thing, it is because, making hearthstone accessible is not hard. In fact, it is one of the easiest kind of games to adapt. What we need is just a tts that read the menus, shortcuts to operate the game just using the keyboard and key bindings to describe the state of the game.
And one last thing: I am also a programmer. And, in case you guys decide to consider this, I can help to suggest possible solutions to make this work.
In my work, we have the possibility to take 20% projects to work on something that we really love. I hope that in your company the programmers can do the same. And I hope even more, that a programmer reads this and decide to follow that rout. Because, if you like that game that you are creating, why not make it available to more people?
Thank you.

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